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Welcome to Thermo AS

Here you can find most of what you need for heating of buildings with hot water or electricity. Radiant panel heaters and fan heaters.n addition, we also have a very large variety of air curtains.


ThermoDoor Essensse VCE

New! Essensse is a new air curtain autumn 2014, which will replace the Thermo Door LS (electric) and VCz (water) as...

Finesse, luftport for innbygning

Discrete and high-performance recessed air curtain for use in entrance areas of banks, administrative centres,...

Selected installations for reference

  • ThermoDoor Essensse
  • EcoPan Radiant Heater, Hot Water
  • Radiant Panel Heaters. ThermoWall, SmartClub Billingstad.
  • EcoPan Radiant Panel, Hot Water
  • Standesse Air Curtain

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